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Au Four et au Moulin : Enjoy our surdough bread in Dordogne


In Au Four et au Moulin, we offer surdough bread made from raw organic flour and baked in a firewood oven.

The gentle baking method and the extended fermentation using low temperature decompose more sugar and gluten than the common method -

in order to offer you a more digestible, tastier bread with a greater conservation.

This exacerbated taste and the quality of the flour allow us to decrease the quantity of salt, which is used in abundance in the conventional bakery.




Specialities and prices

Take advantage of our different bakery specialties at the best price!

A sample of our Permanent Range :

   The Ostal : Half-complete wheat flour with a pinch of rye flour          

6,45 €/kg

   The Oc : Traditional white wheat flour bread loaf of Perigord           

4,90 €/kg

   The seeded bread : Half-complete wheat flour with seeds (millet, sesame, poppy, flaxseed)

7,60 €/kg

   The Campagne : Half-complete wheat flour bread

5,90 €/kg

o  o  o

Occasionnally find the rest of the range in store or order it according to your wishes !

   The Small-Spelt bread : lower gluten, it's more adapted for the gluten intolerants 

12,20 €/kg

   The Randonneur : Half-complete wheat with dried fruits and hazelnuts.                            

14 €/kg

   The Burger bun : Viennese style bread with half-complete wheat flour, sprinkled with poppy and sesame seeds.

1,10€ each

 The walnut bread : Half complete wheat and walnuts

8 €/kg

 The Pain de Mie : Half-complete wheat flour

11 €/kg

... and much more ! Contact us to get the full menu.

Discover our event breads : the lemon-rye or the bread with figs during the festive season or the snacks breads in summer. They are available on our stall along the year !

All our bread is available to cut and can be booked by phone (+33) 6 04 12 93 69 or by mail

Please remember to book your special bread or big quantities 2 days before !

Come and find yours !

Lieu-dit la Rivière Haute, 24620 Tamniès