Commited Bakers !

Au Four et au Moulin : a bakery keeping up with the times in Dordogne

Our intention : to offer you fresh and natural ingredients only : non controversial additives in Au Four et au Moulin !

We use organic ingredients, locally grown as much as we can !

For more transparency, you can read all the ingredients we use on our labels.




Our bread

Our surdough bread is knead in our bakery using only raw organic local flour provided by the Moulin de Bobina in Saint-Martin-de-Ribérac or the Ferme du Chaudron Magique in Brugnac.

The bread is baked in an old style firewood oven after a long fermentation (inspired by the Respectus Panis breadmaking principles ) which allows to develop the aromas. It decomposes sugar and gluten as well so our breads are more digestible and have a lower glycemic index than usual breads.

Our Viennese Pastries

We offer home made organic viennese pastries : chocolate croissants, brioches, croissants, apple turnover,...

They are made from milk surdough, for more taste and sweetness ; good butter for more greed :

local flour to enjoy ourselves and stay coherent with our convictions !

A hint of honey, cane sugar, a little bit of cream or apples of the garden, whatever the viennese pastry you choose, you'll get the best !

Our pastries

Our pastries are made everyday with natural organic ingredients of the highest quality.

We constantly change our menu to fit with the products of the season.

To know the trend, please come and visit us on our facebook page freely accessible even if you are not logged in.

Enjoy our artisanal specialities !

Lieu-dit la Rivière Haute, 24620 Tamniès